It all began with the development of a unique and unusual range of organic and 100 % recycled paper, stationery and gift packaging, created by Chocolat artist, designer and the founder of Chocolat Negro in 2006. The range was called Isandla Paper. Isandla means handmade in the Xhosa language and up to today we have kept it as a separate product line because it has its own distinct identity.  
In the same year Isandla Paper was chosen to present it's range as part of the Crafter's Eastern Cape Pavilion at the Decorex in Midrand /Johannesburg, the most.important Design and Crafts Exhibition in the Southern African Region.

Up to that point the Isandla Paper Range was only sold a small shop in East London inside an art gallery.


Soon after the first success Chocolat designed a romantic vintage wedding and correspondence collection. With this range Chocolat combined her passion for organic, recycled and unusual materials with her love for vintage advertisements and vintage paper epherma, that she collects since many years.

Greeting Cards like "Come With Me To Paris" and " Dijon" are entirely handmade from 100% recycled paper.

Hand-glued, hand-cut and lovingly decorated with a mix of carefully selected materials they make perfect and beautiful costumized cards for special occasions and special people.

Another signature line is the ShweShwe greeting card and Stationery Range. We are the only Design Company working with the traditional South African cotton print fabric on paper.

Set of 6 ShweShwe greeting cards with feathers

The look we have created is an abstract collage look. Our cards are created from 100% recycled and organic paper and ShweShwe fabric pieces are sewn with great skill onto the paper.

ShweShwer greeting card with feathers
We pride ourselves in having trained a small team of previously unemployed and non-skilled workers to accurately cut and glue and sew the cards. Over time their skills have been drastically improved so that they are able to complete costume orders from the first to the last step.

egg shell diary made of recycled organic paper
The positive feedback and the high demand in our paper resulting from the exposure at the Decorex catapulted us into a much bigger endeavor. Our products appeared in newspapers, on blogs and word of mouth advertising brought our sales figures to new levels. This new gained confidence in our own brand identity helped us to turn a long pampered thought into a reality.

Chocolat Negro Recycled Design and Art was launched in 2007. Today our innovative and provocative porrtfolio includes furniture, home decor items, art and fashion and can be bought from our online stores by design lovers all over world.

The team of Chocolat Negro consists of people of different nationalities and cultures who strongly believe that diversity and cultural richness have to be celebrated. Our designers and team members have acquired extensive work and life experience in different African countries ranging from the Maghreb to the Southern Part of Africa.

Colonial Map Stationery Set

It has been an exciting and enriching experience and we are constantly thriving to follow our vision and are looking forward to share the latest ventures and developments with you.

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